Chennai School Children Help In Voluntary Blood Donation


This is what Mrs. Chitra Prasad, Principal & Correspondent of NSN Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chennai has to say about organizing a blood donation camp at her school:

‘A generous heart, a kind gesture and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity.’

‘Donating Blood is a divine experience’ – as the maxim goes, blood donation helps both the donor and the recipient.  Every drop of blood creates a difference.  For us it’s just a few moments out of our day, but for the recipients, it may mean their life!

Dr. Saranya Narayan, the Founder Trustee and Medical Director of Jeevan Blood Bank, conducted an Awareness Programme in our school for the students of Std X to XII and motivated them to persuade their parents / family members to donate blood. She enlightened them on the importance of blood donation and emphasized on how vital it is to donate blood in order to save a few valuable lives.

The blood donation camp was organized by Jeevan Blood Bank in our school premises on 3rd March 2012.  It was conducted very smoothly and meticulously. The camp was arranged between 9.00 a.m. and 3.00 p.m.

A team of technologists and doctors, under the leadership and able guidance of Mrs.Sheela Ranganathan, the Donor Support Manager of Jeevan Blood Bank, arrived sharply at 9.00 a.m. and arranged beds and equipments for the camp. The Donors (parents and teachers) who turned up in large numbers registered their names and filled in a form containing questions pertaining to their personal medical history. After scrutinizing the medical history of the donors, they were sent for a screening test in an orderly manner. Dr.Yathindra Kumar, the Medical Officer of Jeevan Blood Bank, conducted the screening test scrupulously.  After the screening, the eligible donors were sent for donating blood. The donors were made to lie down at ease in the bed and a serene atmosphere was provided for the noble deed. The team members operated with perfect co-ordination and understanding and made the donors feel very comfortable. The donors were treated very kindly and were given refreshments after blood donation.

151 donors took part in this noble cause. Our scouts, guides and JRC assisted the Jeevan Blood Bank team in the camp. It was a good learning experience for them. Jeevan Blood Bank gave appreciation certificates to the volunteers for their involvement. The Blood Bank also sent Donor’s card to all the Donors specifying their personal details, including their Blood group and the date of last donation.

It was really a gratifying experience which gave all the donors a feeling of great satisfaction and made them feel happy all day long. Thanks to Jeevan Blood Bank for giving us an opportunity to render this invaluable contribution to society.

‘A very important part of the joy of living is the joy of giving.

Let us all become great Samaritans experiencing a sense of fulfillment and joy in serving the Lord’s creation.

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